Clown Shoes - WRAPPED!

Satterfeal has completed his supporting role as the devoted, yet worrisome right-hand in the latest mob-clown thriller Clown Shoes, a new film by Mobula Productions. This is Ryan's third time working with Mobula since his lead role as Roman in the 2019 dramatic short, Poser.

Clown Shoes is a wild ride. With themes of betrayal, tough decisions, and a thirst for power, the film aims to demonstrate what the Chicago independent scene can do when given a lens, some time, and plentiful talent.

In the film, Satterfeal takes the screen alongside fellow Chicagoans Angel Rosario Jr., David Bianco, Vanessa Rodriguez, and John Campanile.

Clown Shoes is written by Angel Rosario Jr., directed by Nikola Stojkovic, and produced by Mobula Productions.

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