IndieShortsMag Says Poser is "...a film made by its writing.", a site dedicated to reviewing independent work, recently praised Poser, Satterfeal's latest momentum-building film.

The critics say "Roman (Ryan Satterfeal) is as unsympathetic as it gets. He scores no points on likeability for himself, and he hates everyone. It is truly a surprise that he has someone to cook him pasta or co-workers who still talk to him. His one true complaint, as he never misses an opportunity to declare, is posing. Posers are those who indulge in misrepresentation of their true selves on social media for adulation, as Roman explains with various degrees of venomous resentment."

The review, which was published January 7th, continues on to describe the screenplay as "brilliant" and says the film "gets down one of humanity’s great internal struggles: projection."

The full review can be found here