UK Film Review Gives Poser High Acclaim.

Now in the hands of film festivals and critics, Poser, the independent drama starring Ryan Satterfeal, has received its first official review.

Darren Tilby, writer at UK Film Review, has given the film and Satterfeal's performance much praise by stating:

"The thing with Roman (Ryan Satterfeal) is that he’s a profoundly unlikeable person: he picks people apart with a sardonic arrogance, always seeing the worst in everyone for no better reason than – and I’m quoting South Park here – “...a cynical asshole.” But, surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with a lot of what he was saying, which in turn made me question my own views and prejudices. But that’s what good writing – complemented by an equally fine central performance – and a well-put-together movie can do, right? Make us re-evaluate our own beliefs and actions, or lack thereof."

The first of many, Satterfeal, Mobula Productions, and Count Films express their heartfelt gratitude for such a gracious review.

Tilby's full review of Poser can be found here.


Tilby, Darren. “Poser Short Film Review.” UK Film Review, UK Film Review, 26 June 2020,